Ray Ray Imagine: Playground sex

It was summertime and it was a hot day so you decided to call up your boyfriend ray.

ray-yeah what’s up boo

yn-how did you know this was me

ray-i got chuu saved in my phone

yn-aw well im bored

ray-ight what you wanna meet up or something

yn-yeah lets go to the park

ray-ight i got chuu

So you started to get ready for a little playground fun and this is what you  put on:

Then you hopped in your convertible and drove to Riverview park. It took you about and hour to get there due to traffic but it took way longer for ray because he lived 3 hours away. Now that’s true love you thought.

So you waited….and waited…and waited until you finally got impatient to the point where you just wanted to leave. It was getting dark and ray still hasn’t arrived so you called him up.

ray-yeah boo

yn-are you coming

ray-aw shit im sorry boo i fell asleep

yn-ray are you serious i’ve been sitting up here waiting for you and you mean to tell me you haven’t even left yet.

ray-i said im sorry, look to make it up to you i’ll stay the night

yn-but don’t you got work tomorrow

ray-not no mo

yn-see that’s why i love you

For the next 3 hours, you spent you time across the street at a friend’s house until you spotted ray’s purple lamborgini.

friend-aye ain’t that him right there.

yn-*looks out the window* yeah that’s that little lying nigga right there

friend-well don’t keep him waiting girl

yn-ok bye girl *waves at your friend and heads out the door

ray-*takes out phone* man where is she

yn-im right here

ray-*turns around so you run up to him and jump on him because you guys haven’t seen each other in 3 and a half months because of the long distance relationship.

yn-i missed you *squeezes him tighter*

ray-i missed you too *then he carries you over to you guys’ spot that met at 6 years ago when you were 11 years old-the slide.

ray-man i used to love this spot

yn-ray can i tell you something

ray-yeah sure anything

yn-i’m a virgin

ray-*speechless* well i can handle that

yn-what do you mean

ray-because i am too

yn-i love you

ray-i love you too *hugs you*

yn-*hugs him back and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Ray then looks you deep into the eyes that made you give him another kiss but this time on the lips. So as you guys sat there making out for next minute or so, you could tell ray was ready for what was about to happen. The only thing was, you weren’t.

Ray-*stops kissing you* lets just get this over with

yn-*without saying anything you let ray undress you and watch him undress himself. As you guys stared at each other’s breathtaking bodies, you got horny. So ray lay his jacket across the peak of the slide for you to lay on, then he opened up your legs revealing your kitty. Then he inserted his chocolate banana slow enough not to hurt you. But as he stuck it in all the way, you felt your hole open up a little and that was the worst pain you ever received from ray.


ray-you good boo

yn-yea *that was a lie because as soon as ray started to do his vortexes, you let out a little cry.

ray-am i hurting you yn

yn-nods head

ray-do you want me to stop

yn-nods head

ray-*takes out Dr. Loon*

yn-wait, do you even have a condom on


yn-ok just making sure

ray-so now are you ready

yn-yeah *that was another lie because the second his penis touched your kitty, you were terrified. You were so terrified to the point where you were ready to slap the shit out of ray from even showing up. 

ray-i love *moan* you

yn-i love you too ray

ray-*bites down softly on your neck and sticks his dick in all the way once again, but this time you took the pain like a boss*

yn-i think i’m about to cum

ray-me too *keeps going*


ray-*goes faster and harder*


ray-*takes it out and showers you with all his sperm

yn-*w/o being able to see a thing you felt it* what the fuck was that *cum leaking out*

ray-*giggles* sorry

yn-no i know your sperm dropped on me but something is coming from my pussy

ray-uhh i think that’s your cum

yn-oh so that’s where it comes from

ray-for a virgin your pretty unexperienced

yn-thanks *sarcasm*

ray-*laughs* lets go home

yn-*gets up and puts on clothes*

yn*jumps up* what ray

ray-you gotta slide down the slide with me one last time

yn-*chuckles* you know i got chuu


Then you both slide down the slide and at the end of the ride he kissed you once again and walked you over to your car.

ray-i bet i’ll beat you to your house

yn-*shuts door* you wish *then speeds off*

ray-hey no fair


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